Madagascar’s top court ratifies president’s reelection in vote boycotted by opposition

Madagascar’s top court has ratified the victory of incumbent President Andry Rajoelina in last month’s election.

70-year-old Ugandan woman gives birth to twins after fertility treatment

A 70-year-old woman in Uganda has given birth to twins after receiving fertility treatment, making her one of the world’s oldest new mothers.

More than 30 people are trapped under rubble after collapse at a mine in Zambia, minister says

A government minister says more than 30 people are trapped under rubble at an open-pit mine in Zambia after part of a waste pile was thought to have collapsed on them.

Kenyan cult leader sentenced to 18 months for film violations but still not charged over mass graves

The leader of a doomsday cult in Kenya has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for the illegal distribution of films and operating a film studio without licenses.

UN ends political mission in Sudan, where world hasn’t been able to stop bloodshed

The United Nations Security Council has voted to end its political mission of a few hundred people dedicated to ending the civil war in Sudan.

Biden hosts the Angolan president in an effort to showcase strengthened ties as Africa visit slips

President Joe Biden is hosting Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço in the Oval Office as he seeks to reaffirm his commitment to Africa.

Golden mole not seen for 80 years and presumed extinct is found again in South Africa

Researchers in South Africa say they have rediscovered a mole species that has an iridescent golden coat and the ability to “swim” through sand dunes after it hadn’t been seen for more than 80 years and was thought to be extinct.

Somali maritime police intensify patrols as fears grow of resurgence of piracy in the Gulf of Aden

Somalia’s maritime police force has intensified patrols in the Gulf of Aden following a failed pirate hijacking of a ship earlier this week.

South African company to start making vaginal rings that protect against HIV

A South African company will make vaginal rings that protect against HIV, which AIDS experts say should eventually make them cheaper and more readily available.

Nigeria’s leader presents a $34 billion spending plan that prioritizes the economy and security

Nigeria’s leader has presented a $34.8 billion spending plan for 2024 to federal lawmakers with a focus on stabilizing Africa’s largest but ailing economy and tackling a deadly security crisis.

South Africa march demands a permanent Gaza cease-fire on day of solidarity with Palestinians

Members of South African political parties, civil society organisations and other supporters have marched through the streets of Johannesburg demanding a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as they marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Mali’s government will probe Tuareg rebel leaders as crucial 2015 peace deal appears to crumble

Mali’s military government has announced an investigation into the Tuareg rebel leaders who signed a peace agreement in 2015 and now accuse the government of failing to comply with it.

Italian migration odyssey ‘Io Capitano’ hopes to connect with viewers regardless of politics

Matteo Garrone’s migration odyssey “Io Capitano” played at the Marrakech International Film Festival this weekend, returning to the country where pivotal scenes were shot.

Burkina Faso’s state media says hundreds of rebels have been killed trying to seize vulnerable town

Burkina Faso’s state broadcaster reports that hundreds of rebels were killed as they tried to seize a town in the northern part of the country on Sunday.

13 Sierra Leone military officers are under arrest for trying to stage a coup, a minister says

The attacks on Sierra Leone’s main military barracks and prisons are a failed coup attempt and have resulted in the arrest of 13 military officers, the government’s spokesman said Tuesday.

Elevator plummets at a platinum mine in South Africa, killing 11 workers and injuring 75

A mine operator says an elevator suddenly dropped about 650 feet while carrying workers to the surface in South Africa, killing 11 and injuring 75.

Niger’s junta revokes a key law that had slowed migration for Africans desperate to reach Europe

Niger’s junta says it has signed a decree revoking a 2015 law that was enacted to curb the smuggling of international migrants traveling through a key migration route in Niger en route to Europe.

Kenya raises alarm as flooding death toll rises to 76, with thousands marooned by worsening rains

Kenya’s government is urging people living in flood-prone areas to relocate to higher ground as heavy rains and flash floods continued to wreak havoc across East Africa.

Madagascar’s main opposition candidate files a lawsuit claiming fraud in the presidential election

The main opposition candidate in Madagascar says he has filed lawsuits with the country’s highest court seeking to have the results of this month’s national election canceled and incumbent President Andry Rajoelina’s victory declared invalid.

ICC prosecutors halt 13-year Kenya investigation that failed to produce any convictions

The International Criminal Court prosecutor’s office is halting its long-running investigation into deadly violence that followed Kenya’s 2007 presidential election.

An abducted German priest is freed in Mali, a year after being seized in the country’s capital

A German priest who was abducted by al-Qaida-linked rebels in Mali’s capital in November 2022 has been released by his captors.

Sierra Leone’s leader says most behind the weekend attacks are arrested, but few details are given

Sierra Leone’s president says most of the leaders of weekend attacks on the nation’s main military barracks and prisons have been arrested, but the capital remains tense.

Curfew in Sierra Leone after gunmen attacked the main military barracks and detention centers

Sierra Leone’s president has declared a nationwide curfew after gunmen attacked the West African country’s main military barracks in the capital and then broke into detention centers and abducted or freed the occupants.

Congolese Nobel laureate kicks off presidential campaign with a promise to end violence, corruption

Congolese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege has kicked off his campaign for next month’s presidential election.

Why Finland is blaming Russia for a sudden influx of migrants on its eastern border

Russia threatened retaliation against Finland after its Nordic neighbor joined NATO earlier this year.

Militants with ties to the Islamic State group kill at least 14 farmers in an attack in east Congo

A local official in Congo says militants from a shadowy extremist organization with ties to the Islamic State Group killed at least 14 farmers in Congo’s hard-hit eastern region.

A newly formed alliance between coup-hit countries in Africa’s Sahel is seen as tool for legitimacy

Three West African nations led by military juntas met this week to strengthen a newly formed alliance which some analysts describe as an attempt to legitimize their military governments.

UN confirms sexual spread of mpox in Congo for the 1st time as country sees a record outbreak

The World Health Organization said it has confirmed sexual transmission of mpox in Congo for the first time as the country experiences its biggest-ever outbreak.

Marrakech kicks off film festival in the shadow of war in the Middle East

The Marrakech International Film Festival began on Friday, bringing American and international movie stars to the Arab world as war in the Middle East has led to the cancellation of other film festivals.

AP Week in Pictures: Europe and Africa

Nov. 17-23, 2023

Protests around the world continue as a four-day cease-fire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas begins Friday morning.

Madagascar president on course for reelection as supporters claim they were promised money to vote

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is on course for reelection in a vote boycotted by most opposition candidates.

Longer droughts in Zimbabwe take a toll on wildlife and cause more frequent clashes with people

In Zimbabwe, rains are finally bringing relief to its second-largest national park. But elsewhere in the wildlife-rich country, authorities say climate change-induced drought is deadly for animals and plants.

Rebels claim to capture more ground in Congo’s east, raising further concerns about election safety

A rebel group with alleged links to neighboring Rwanda claims to have seized a key town in Congo’s conflict-hit eastern region amid intense fighting.

Authorities warn that fake HIV drugs are found in Kenya despite a crackdown on counterfeits

Kenyan authorities have issued a warning about the sale of counterfeit HIV prevention drugs in the country, saying their “safety, quality and efficacy cannot be assured.”

Republic of Congo marks a day of mourning for 31 dead in a stadium stampede

Republic of Congo’s government says it’s paying the medical bills for 145 people injured in a stampede at a military recruitment event as the country marked a national day of mourning for the 31 dead.