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Party of Pakistan’s former jailed Prime Minister Imran Khan elects new head

Jailed former Pakistani premier Imran Khan’s party has elected a new head for the first time since it was established, following the recommendation of the imprisoned politician.

Search for military personnel continues after Osprey crash off coast of southern Japan

The search is continuing for seven missing military personnel following the crash of an Osprey off the coast of southern Japan. U.S.

A suspected bomb blast kills at least 4 Christian worshippers during Mass in southern Philippines

A powerful explosion believed caused by a bomb has ripped through a Catholic Mass and killed at least four people and wounded dozens of others in a university gymnasium in a predominantly Muslim city in the southern Philippines.

Philippine troops kill 11 Islamic militants in one of bloodiest anti-insurgency offensives this year

Philippine authorities say troops, backed by airstrikes and artillery fire, have killed 11 suspected Islamic militants near a hinterland village in the country’s south, in one of the military’s bloodiest anti-insurgency offensives this year.

Philippines says China has executed two Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking despite appeals

The Philippine government says China has executed two Filipinos for drug trafficking despite its appeals to commute their death sentences to life in prison.

At least 12 people are missing after heavy rain triggers a landslide and flash floods in Indonesia

Torrential rain has triggered flash floods and a landslide on Indonesia’s Sumatra island. Officials say at least 12 people are missing Saturday after tons of mud, rocks and trees rolled down from a mountain late Friday.

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake jolts Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been jolted by an earthquake that residents dozens of miles away in Dhaka say shook buildings. No damage or injuries have been immediately reported.

Pakistan’s highest court hears petition on forceful deportation of Afghans born in the country

Pakistan’s top court is hearing a petition by human rights activists seeking to halt the forceful deportation of Afghans who were born in Pakistan and those who would be at risk if they were returned to Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s new ambassador arrives in China as Afghanistan’s rulers court foreign investment

The Taliban government’s new ambassador to China has arrived in Beijing. It is the first time Afghanistan’s rulers have officially sent an ambassador to another country since returning to power more than two years ago.

First same-sex married couple in Nepal vow to continue campaign for gay rights

A gay couple in Nepal who became the first in the nation to receive official same-sex marriage status are vowing to campaign for changes in the law to help others like them to get married.

Japan expresses concern about Ospreys continuing to fly as some crash details emerge

Several sources have named Staff Sgt. Jacob Galliher of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as the crew member killed during an Osprey aircraft crash in southwestern Japan.

AP Week in Pictures: Asia

Nov. 24-30, 2023

Sikhs lit candles to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, at the illuminated Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India.

What to know about the Sikh independence movement following US accusation that activist was targeted

The U.S. has charged an Indian national in what prosecutors allege was a failed plot to assassinate a Sikh separatist at the behest of an unnamed Indian government official.

Former Myanmar colonel who once served as information minister gets 10-year prison term for sedition

A former high-profile Myanmar army officer who had served as information minister and presidential spokesperson in a previous military-backed government has been convicted of sedition and incitement.

Pakistan police arrest 4 men in the death of a woman after a photo with her boyfriend went viral

Police in Pakistan have arrested four people who allegedly killed an 18-year-old woman in the purported name of honor after a picture of her sitting with a boyfriend went viral on social media.

China says US arms sales to Taiwan are turning the island into a ‘powder keg’

The Chinese defense ministry’s top spokesperson has said that the U.S. should stop interfering in both Taiwan and the South China Sea. Senior Col.

A Pakistani province aims to deport 10,000 Afghans a day

Authorities in a Pakistani province are setting targets for police to arrest and deport hundreds of thousands of Afghans they say are in the country illegally.

South Korean farmers rally near presidential office to protest proposed anti-dog meat legislation

Dozens of South Korean dog farmers have scuffled with police during a rally near the presidential office to protest a recent push by authorities to outlaw dog meat consumption.

Kim’s sister rejects US offer of dialogue with North Korea and vows more satellite launches

The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has dismissed U.S. calls for a return to diplomacy and lambasted condemnations of the North’s recent spy satellite launch, vowing more launches in violation of U.N. bans.

South Koreans want their own nukes. That could roil one of the world’s most dangerous regions

The alliance with the United States has allowed South Korea to build a strong democracy with citizens confident Washington would protect them if North Korea ever acted on its dream of unifying the peninsula under its own rule.

Congress members, activists decry assaults against anti-China protesters during San Francisco summit

A man protesting against the Chinese government during the recent Asia-Pacific economic summit in San Francisco says he was attacked by supporters of the Chinese ruling party and is urging local police to take action.

Sweden halts adoptions from South Korea after claims of falsified papers on origins of children

Sweden’s main adoption agency says it’s halting adoptions from South Korea, following claims of falsified papers on the origins of children adopted from the Asian country.

Pakistan acquits ex-Premier Nawaz Sharif in a graft case. He’s now closer to running in elections

A Pakistani court has acquitted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a graft case, removing a major obstacle for him to run in parliamentary elections in February.

Sri Lanka says it struck a deal with creditors on debt restructuring to clear way for IMF funds

Sri Lanka says it has reached an agreement in principle with a group of creditors including India and Japan on debt restructuring.

Myanmar and China conduct naval drills together as fighting surges in border area

Myanmar and China are conducting naval drills together as the military government in the Southeast Asian nation loses ground in the northeast to a coalition of armed ethnic militias that also has strong ties to Beijing.

Australia proposes new laws to detain potentially dangerous migrants who can’t be deported

The Australian government has proposed new laws that would place behind bars some of the 141 migrants who have been set free in the three weeks since the High Court ruled their indefinite detention was unconstitutional.

New Zealand leader plans to ban cellphone use in schools and end tobacco controls in first 100 days

New Zealand’s new prime minister plans to ban cellphone use in schools and repeal tobacco controls in the agenda for his first three months in office.

Australia apologizes for thalidomide tragedy as some survivors listen in the Parliament gallery

Survivors of the harmful morning sickness drug thalidomide were in the public gallery when Australia’s Parliament made a national apology for what was described as one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s medical history.

11 die in coal mine accident in China’s Heilongjiang province

A violent rock burst in a coal mine has killed 11 people in China’s northeastern Heilongjiang province.

China warns Australia to act prudently in naval operations in the South China Sea

A visiting Chinese official has warned Australia to act with “great prudence” in deploying warships in the South China Sea after a recent confrontation between the two navies.

Philippine government and communist rebels agree to resume talks on ending their protracted conflict

Norway says the Philippine government and the country’s communist rebels have agreed to resume talks aimed at ending decades of armed conflict.

A Pakistani court orders public trial for imprisoned ex-premier Khan on charge of revealing secrets

A Pakistani court has ordered a public trial in prison of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on charges of revealing official secrets.

127 Malaysians, suspected to be victims of job scams, rescued from Myanmar fighting

Malaysia’s government says more than 120 suspected victims of job scams have been rescued after being stranded by fighting in northern Myanmar between the military and armed ethnic groups.

South Korea delays its own spy satellite liftoff, days after North’s satellite launch

South Korea says it has postponed the planned launch of its first military spy satellite set for this Thursday.

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh chosen to host the 2030 World Expo

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh has been chosen to host the 2030 World Expo following its bid focusing on how to shape a prosperous and sustainable future.