Preliminary Dutch government talks delayed as official seeking coalitions says he needs more time

The official appointed to investigate possible coalitions after the Dutch election won by Geert Wilders鈥 far-right Party for Freedom says he needs more time.

Global Red Cross suspends Belarus chapter after its chief boasted of bringing in Ukrainian children

The International Red Cross has suspended the Belarusian chapter after its chief stirred international outrage for boasting that it was actively ferrying Ukrainian children from Russian-controlled areas to Belarus.

A yoga leader promised followers enlightenment. But he鈥檚 now accused of sexual abuse

Gregorian Bivolaru was known by his followers as 鈥淕rieg鈥 and their guide through tantra yoga toward enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness.

Russia鈥檚 Lavrov declares at security talks that his country鈥檚 goals in Ukraine are unchanged

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has delivered a blunt message to Western leaders and declared at an international security conference that his government was not prepared to 鈥渞eview its goals鈥 in Ukraine.

Pentagon forges new high-tech agreement with Australia, United Kingdom, aimed at countering China

The U.S. is expanding its high-tech military cooperation with Australia and the United Kingdom to include underwater drones and electronic warfare.

Putin orders the Russian military to add 170,000 troops for a total of 1.32 million

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to increase the number of troops by nearly 170,000 to a total of 1.32 million.

European gymnastics federation rejects return of athletes from Russia and Belarus to competition

The governing body of gymnastics in Europe voted against allowing Russian and Belarusian gymnasts to return to international competitions, calling into question how they could qualify for next year鈥檚 Olympics.

Matthew M Williams to step down as Givenchy鈥檚 creative director early in 2024

Matthew M. Williams will step down early in 2024 as creative director of Givenchy, the renowned Parisian heritage house owned by LVMH.

花椒直播 Press correspondent Roland Prinz, who spent decades covering Europe, dies at age 85

A former 花椒直播 Press correspondent who spent four decades covering the Cold War and the fall of communism has died at age 85.

NATO chief tells Turkey鈥檚 Erdogan that 鈥榯he time has come鈥 to let Sweden join the alliance

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says he has told Turkey鈥檚 president that 鈥渢he time has come鈥 to let Sweden into the military alliance.

Cyprus and Chevron reach a deal to develop an offshore natural gas field, ending years of delays

An official says the Cyprus government and U.S. energy company Chevron have reached a deal on how to develop the Aphrodite gas field, the first to be discovered under the seafloor off Cyprus.

AP Week in Pictures: Europe and Africa

Nov. 24-30, 2023

Women demonstrate in Spain and Italy during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Trucking boss gets 7 years for role in 2019 smuggling that led to deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants

The final member in a migrant smuggling ring that was responsible for the deaths of 39 Vietnamese immigrants who suffocated in a shipping container in 2019 has been sentenced by a London judge to seven years in prison.

A Dutch court orders Greenpeace activists to leave deep-sea mining ship in the South Pacific

A Dutch court has ruled that Greenpeace protesters staging a sit-in must leave a deep-sea mining exploration ship in the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii but that they can continue to demonstrate around the vessel.

Gambian man convicted in Germany for role in killings under Gambia鈥檚 former ruler

A German court has convicted a Gambian man of murder and crimes against humanity for involvement in the killing of government critics in his West African homeland.

Rights of Dane convicted of murdering a journalist on sub were not violated in prison, court rules

A Danish court has ruled that the human rights of a Danish man who was convicted of murdering a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine were not violated as he had claimed.

Scotland bids farewell to its giant pandas, who are returning to China after a 12-year stay

Visitors to the Edinburgh Zoo had their final chance to see and bid farewell to a pair of popular giant pandas who are returning home to China after more than a decade in Scotland.

Hungary will not agree to starting EU membership talks with Ukraine, minister says

The chief of staff to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orb谩n says Hungary will not support any European Union proposal to begin talks on making Ukraine a member of the bloc.

Russia鈥檚 foreign minister faces Western critics at security meeting and walks out after speech

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has faced Western critics while attending international security talks in Northern Macedonia.

The UK鈥檚 former health secretary testifies at COVID inquiry that he argued for an earlier lockdown

Former British health secretary Matt Hancock has told the U.K.鈥檚 COVID-19 inquiry that Britain鈥檚 government would have saved many lives if it acted sooner and imposed a national lockdown three weeks earlier than it did in March 2020.

Pope says he has acute bronchitis, doctors recommended against travel to avoid change in temperature

Pope Francis says he is suffering from acute and infectious bronchitis. He told an audience on Thursday that doctors recommended he cancel his planned visit to Dubai this weekend to avoid the quick changes in temperature that would be involved.

Russia鈥檚 Supreme Court effectively outlaws LGBTQ+ activism in a landmark ruling

Russia鈥檚 Supreme Court has effectively outlawed LGBTQ+ activism, in the most drastic step against advocates of gay, lesbian and transgender rights in the increasingly conservative country.

4 migrants who were pushed out of a boat die just yards from Spain鈥檚 southern coast

Four migrants have died yards from shore in southern Spain after being forced out of the boat they were traveling in.

Germany arrests French woman who allegedly committed war crimes after joining IS in Syria

German authorities say they have arrested a French woman who allegedly committed war crimes in Syria after joining the Islamic State extremist group.

Teenage suspects accused of plotting to blow up a small truck at a German Christmas market

Prosecutors say a 15-year-old boy and an alleged accomplice are accused of plotting to blow up a small truck at a Christmas market in western Germany in an attack modeled on the methods of the Islamic State group.

Russian missile strikes in eastern Ukraine rip through buildings, kill 2 and bury families in rubble

Ukrainian officials say Russian missiles tore through apartment buildings in eastern Ukraine鈥檚 Donetsk region during the night.

Inflation in Europe falls to 2.4% as interest rates pack a punch. But the economy has stalled

Europeans are again seeing some relief as inflation dropped to 2.4% in November, the lowest in more than two years.

Elton John addresses Britain鈥檚 Parliament, urging lawmakers to do more to fight HIV/AIDS

Elton John has urged British lawmakers to do more to fight HIV and AIDS. He says the U.K. can be the first country in the world 鈥渢o defeat this awful virus.鈥

Top diplomats arrive in North Macedonia for security meeting as some boycott Russia鈥檚 participation

Top diplomats from more than 50 countries have arrived in North Macedonia for a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Boy who was 12 when he fatally ran over his foster mother gets 2 years in custody

A British foster child who killed the woman caring for him when he ran over her with her car has been sentenced to two years in custody. The boy was 12 at the time.

Algeria passes law to protect media freedom. Others used to imprison journalists remain on the books

Algeria has passed a law enshrining new media freedoms and repealing old measures that allowed journalists to be prosecuted for what they write.

A six-planet solar system in perfect synchrony has been found in the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered six planets orbiting a bright, nearby star in perfect synchrony like a grand cosmic orchestra.

Barcelona may need water shipped in during a record drought in northeast Spain, authorities say

Tighter water restrictions for drought-stricken northeast Spain have gone in effect as authorities in Catalonia say that Barcelona may need to have fresh water shipped in by boat in the coming months.

Court clears France鈥檚 justice minister of conflict of interest following an unprecedented trial

A special court has cleared France鈥檚 justice minister of conflict of interest, ruling he was not guilty of having used his office to settle personal scores.

The world economy will slow next year because of inflation, high rates and war, OECD says

The global economy, which has proved surprisingly resilient this year, is expected to falter next year under the strain of wars, still-elevated inflation and continued high interest rates.