Latin America

Detainees in El Salvador鈥檚 gang crackdown cite abuse during months in jail

Thousands of detainees swept up in El Salvador鈥檚 gang crackdown over the past 1 1/2 years have been released from pre-trial detention.

UN court bars Venezuela from altering Guyana鈥檚 control over disputed territory

The U.N. top court has ordered Venezuela not to take any action that would alter Guyana鈥檚 control over a disputed territory, but did not specifically ban Venezuela from holding its planned referendum Sunday on the territory鈥檚 future.

Guatemalan electoral magistrates leave the country hours after losing immunity from prosecution

Three magistrates of Guatemala鈥檚 Supreme Electoral Tribunal have left the country, hours after the country鈥檚 Congress opened them up to prosecution by stripping them of their immunity.

Venezuela鈥檚 government and opposition agree on appeal process for candidates banned from running

The government of Venezuela and a faction of the opposition have agreed on a process through which aspiring presidential candidates who were banned from running for office can attempt to get that decision reversed.

In Mexico, a Japanese traditional dancer shows how body movement speaks beyond culture and religion

Unlike the fast-moving interpreters of samba, salsa and other Latin American dancing styles, Japanese traditional dancers move slowly, performing just a few moves that their bodies keep fully controlled.

US expels an ex-Chilean army officer accused of a folk singer鈥檚 torture and murder

The U.S. has expelled a former Chilean Army officer accused of torturing and killing folk singer Victor Jara during the country鈥檚 bloody 1973 coup.

Canadian mining company starts arbitration in case of closed copper mine in Panama

Canada鈥檚 First Quantum Minerals Ltd. has announced it will start arbitration proceedings to fight the closure order of an open-pit copper mine in Panama, or possibly obtain damages.

US border officials are closing a remote Arizona crossing because of overwhelming migrant arrivals

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it will temporarily close south and northbound traffic to vehicle and pedestrians at the remote Lukeville, Arizona border crossing with Mexico.

Mexico鈥檚 minimum wage will rise by 20% next year, to about $14.25 per day

Mexico鈥檚 president says its minimum wage will rise by 20% in 2024, to the equivalent of about $14.25 per day.

Authorities in Haiti hold former rebel leader Guy Philippe after the US repatriated him

An attorney for former Haitian rebel leader Guy Philippe says he is being held by Haitian authorities at a police station a day after the U.S. repatriated him to Haiti.

AP Week in Pictures: Latin America and Caribbean

Nov. 23- 30, 2023

A woman walks on a dried-out portion of Lake Titicaca in Coata, Peru. Demonstrators who are demanding the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo Porras consume a roast pig during a protest near the Congress building in Guatemala City.

El Salvador鈥檚 President Nayib Bukele granted leave to campaign for reelection

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has been granted leave by Congress for six months to allow him to campaign for reelection despite a constitutional prohibition on reelection.

US says Mexican drug cartel was so bold in timeshare fraud that some operators posed as US officials

U.S. authorities say a Mexican drug cartel was so bold in operating frauds targeting elderly Americans that the gang鈥檚 operators posed as U.S.

A new study says about half of Nicaragua鈥檚 population wants to emigrate

A new study says that about half of Nicaragua鈥檚 population of 6.2 million want to leave their homeland because of a mix of economic decline and repression from President Daniel Ortega鈥檚 government.

Argentina won鈥檛 join BRICS as scheduled, says member of Milei鈥檚 transition team

Argentina will not be joining the BRICS bloc of developing economies next year as scheduled, a senior official in President-elect Javier Milei鈥檚 team said.

Protesters shove their way into congress of Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon, toss smoke bomb

The legislature of the northern Mexico border state of Nuevo Leon says protesters broke through doors, took over the floor of the state congress and launched a smoke bomb.

Coup leader Guy Philippe repatriated to Haiti as many question his next role in country in upheaval

Notorious coup leader Guy Philippe has returned to Haiti after the U.S. government repatriated him. His arrival is sparking concerns that his presence could unleash further upheaval on a country already reeling from gang violence and political instability.

Suspected drug cartel members abduct 7 Mexican immigration agents at gunpoint in Cancun

Authorities say suspected drug cartel members have abducted seven Mexican immigration agents in Cancun at gunpoint and beat and threatened them before they were freed.

Panama鈥檚 high court declared a mining contract unconstitutional. Here鈥檚 what鈥檚 happening next

Panama鈥檚 Supreme Court unanimously declared that legislation granting a Canadian copper mine a 20-year concession was unconstitutional.

Video of teen beating parking guard in upscale neighborhood sparks anger in class-divided Mexico

An expensive private high school in Mexico has suspended and may expel a student who was caught on video beating a parking lot attendant at his housing complex.

Venezuela鈥檚 planned vote over territory dispute leaves Guyana residents on edge

Congregants of an Anglican church in a sparsely populated rainforest village in Guyana are asking for peace for their community amid what they see as an existential threat.

Argentina鈥檚 libertarian president-elect picks a former Central Bank chief as his economy minister

Argentina鈥檚 President-elect Javier Milei says he鈥檚 chosen Luis Caputo, a former finance minister and Central Bank chief who is known as an expert in markets, to lead the Economy Ministry when the right-wing leader takes office on Dec. 10.

Honduran opposition party leader flees arrest after being stopped in airport before traveling to US

The president of Honduras鈥 main opposition party fled an international airport breaking through a parking gate with his pickup truck after immigration agents stopped him for carrying two passports before he boarded a flight to the United States.

Puerto Rico鈥檚 famous stray cats will be removed from grounds surrounding historic fortress

Officials say that hundreds of stray cats that roam a historic seaside tourist area of Puerto Rico鈥檚 capital will be removed over the coming year.

4 news photographers shot in southern Mexico, a case authorities consider attempted murder

Unidentified assailants wounded four news photographers in the violence-wracked southern Mexico city of Chilpancingo.

Corruption case reopened against Argentina鈥檚 Vice President Fern谩ndez, adding to her legal woes

A federal appeals court in Argentina has reopened a money laundering investigation into Vice President Cristina Fern谩ndez de Kirchner.

UN warns that gang violence is overwhelming Haiti鈥檚 once peaceful central region

The U.N. says gangs are invading Haiti鈥檚 rural central region and suffocating a once peaceful area that served as the country鈥檚 food basket but that is now plagued by kidnappings, killings and rapes.

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits near Barbados but no damage is reported on the Caribbean island

Officials say that a magnitude 5.1 earthquake has struck near the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados but no damage was reported. The U.S.

Strike over privatizing Sao Paulo public transport causes crowds, delays in metro area of 20 million

Long lines have appeared in Sao Paulo鈥檚 bus and subway stations as a strike opposing privatization efforts of public transport in South America鈥檚 largest city caused delays.

Peru鈥檚 top prosecutor blames President Boluarte for deaths of protesters as political crisis deepens

Peru鈥檚 attorney general is blaming President Dina Boluarte for the deaths of 鈥渟everal鈥 anti-government protesters earlier this year, and charged her with first-degree murder before the nation鈥檚 congress in a procedure known as a 鈥渃onstitutional complaint.鈥

As Mexico marks conservation day, advocates say it takes too long to list vulnerable species

Mexico is celebrating national conservation day. Meanwhile, conservationists say the country鈥檚 list of endangered species is too short and too slow to update.

Contract between Puerto Rico鈥檚 government and coal-fired plant operator leaves residents in the dark

A proposed amended contract between Puerto Rico鈥檚 government and the operator of a coal-fired power plant accused of contaminating low-income communities has drawn scrutiny during a heated public hearing.

Brazil鈥檚 Lula picks his justice minister for supreme court slot

Brazil鈥檚 President Luiz In谩cio Lula da Silva has picked Justice Minister Fl谩vio Dino to fill an empty seat on the country鈥檚 top court.

Environmental protesters board deep-sea mining ship between Hawaii and Mexico

Greenpeace activists are engaged in a sit-in protest on a deep-sea mining ship in the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii.

The body of an abducted anti-mining activist is found in western Mexico

Authorities in western Mexico say they have found the body of anti-mining activist Higinio Trinidad de la Cruz.