Middle East

British military reports an explosion off the coast of Yemen in the key Bab el-Mandeb Strait

A 鈥減otential explosion鈥 has struck a key shipping route off the coast of Yemen. That鈥檚 according to a statement from the British military on Sunday.

Iran says an Israeli strike in Syria killed 2 Revolutionary Guard members while on advisory mission

Iran鈥檚 paramilitary Revolutionary Guard has stated through its website that two of its forces stationed in Syria were killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Earth is running a fever. And UN climate talks are focusing on the contagious effect on human health

Participants at the COP28 summit moved beyond lofty rhetoric and calls for unity to curb global warming to concerns like the deaths of at least 7 million people globally from air pollution each year and the spread of diseases like cholera and malaria as global warming upends weather systems.

Bombs are falling on Gaza again. Who are the hostages still remaining in the besieged strip?

Israel and Hamas have resumed fighting after a weeklong cease-fire, and Israel says 136 hostages remain in Gaza.

Blinken sees goals largely unfulfilled in Mideast trip, even as Israel pledges to protect civilians

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken returned to the Mideast this week looking to press for agreements to extend the Gaza cease-fire, step up the release of hostages held by Hamas and limit Palestinian civilian casualties if fighting with Israel resumed.

At COP28 meeting, oil companies pledge to combat methane. Environmentalists call it a 鈥渟mokescreen鈥

Fifty oil companies representing nearly half of global production are pledging to reach near-zero methane emissions and end routine flaring in their operations by 2030.

US joins in other nations in swearing off coal power to clean the climate

The United States is now committed to the idea of phasing out coal power plants, joining 56 other nations in kicking the coal habit. Saturday鈥檚 announcement by U.S.

With 鈥榮huttle diplomacy,鈥 step by step, Kissinger chased the possible in the Mideast

Henry Kissinger鈥檚 legacy in the Mideast is the pursuit of what鈥檚 possible, not necessarily peace, in one of the world鈥檚 most intractable conflicts.

Takeaways from Friday鈥檚 events at UN climate conference known as COP28

Friday was a day for speechmaking at the United Nations annual climate conference known as COP28, as heads of state each gave short speeches to deliver their views on the planet鈥檚 climate crisis, what their nation is doing and what they think others should do.

Hezbollah and Israeli troops exchange fire along the border as 2 people are killed in Lebanon

Lebanon鈥檚 militant Hezbollah group has attacked several Israeli army posts along the border. And two Lebanese citizens were killed when Israel shelled a village in southern Lebanon.

New York Times report says Israel knew about Hamas attack over a year in advance

The New York Times is reporting that Israel knew about Hamas battle plans to attack southern Israel over a year before the Oct. 7 operation took place, but dismissed them as 鈥渁spirational.鈥

The resumption of the Israel-Hamas war casts long shadow over Dubai鈥檚 COP28 climate talks

As world leaders gathered for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, the collapse of a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war has plunged the conflict back into open combat and cast a long shadow over the talks.

11 civilians are killed in an attack by gunmen in Iraq鈥檚 eastern Diyala province

Security officials say 11 people have been killed in an attack by a group armed with explosives and guns in eastern Iraq.

COP28 talks turn to a power game with Modi and bin Salman speaking 鈥 as Biden and Jinping are absent

Dozens of world leaders said they know the planet鈥檚 dangerously overheating and they are trying to keep it from getting worse.

Live updates | Israeli strikes kill over 175 people in Gaza after cease-fire ends, officials say

Health officials in Gaza say Israeli strikes have killed dozens of people after fighting in the Gaza Strip resumed.

Minutes after the truce expired, Israeli fighter jets hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip

Israel鈥檚 war with Hamas resumed after a weeklong truce expired, with each side blaming the other for the resurgence of hostilities.

AP Week in Pictures: Global | Nov. 24 - Nov. 30, 2023

NOVEMBER 24 - 30, 2023

From young Sikhs lighting candles at the illuminated Golden Temple in India, to a Christmas Market in Frankfurt, to demonstrations on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, this photo gallery highlights some of the most compelling images from around the world made or pu

Live updates | More Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners are released under truce

The Israeli military has released 30 more Palestinian prisoners after eight more Israeli hostages were freed from captivity in the Gaza Strip under the temporary cease-fire.

UK government intervenes in potential takeover of Telegraph newspaper by Abu Dhabi-backed fund

Britain鈥檚 government says it鈥檚 asking media and market competition officials to look into a potential Abu Dhabi-backed takeover of The Telegraph newspaper.

Members of global chemical weapons watchdog vote to keep Syria from getting poison gas materials

The annual meeting of members of the global chemical weapons watchdog has called on countries to prevent the sale or transfer to Syria of raw materials and equipment that could be used to create poison gas and nerve agents.

Iran sends a hip-hop artist who rapped about hijab protests back to jail

An Iranian news website says a popular rapper has been sent back to jail less that two weeks after his release from prison on bail.

UN atomic chief backs nuclear power at COP28 as world reckons with proliferation

The world wants more nuclear energy as a means to fight climate change and supply an ever-growing demand for electricity, part of a generational shift in thinking on atomic power.

Families reunite with 17 Thai hostages freed by Hamas at homecoming at Bangkok airport

Seventeen Thai workers released from captivity by the militant Hamas group have been greeted by family and friends, officials and journalists in an emotional homecoming at Bangkok鈥檚 international airport.

On 1st day, UN climate conference sets up fund for countries hit by disasters like flood and drought

Nearly all the world鈥檚 nations finalized the creation of a fund to help compensate countries struggling to cope with loss and damage caused by climate change, seen as a major first-day breakthrough at this year鈥檚 U.N. climate conference as early cash started going into it.

Pressure builds to eliminate fossil fuel use as oil executive takes over climate talks

The pressure to phase out fossil fuels is mounting on the oil company chief who is leading fragile international climate negotiations in what some say are contradictory dual roles.

UN weather agency says 2023 is the hottest year on record, warns of further climate extremes ahead

The U.N. weather agency says 2023 is all but certain to be the hottest year on record, and warning of worrying trends that suggest increasing floods, wildfires, glacier melt, and heat waves in the future.

Live updates | Two Israeli hostages are released after Hamas and Israel extend their cease-fire

A temporary cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war has been extended another day. Mediator Qatar announced the extension Thursday morning, just minutes before the cease-fire was set to expire.

Here鈥檚 a look at COP28鈥檚 potential stakes and challenges as countries meet in the oil-rich UAE

The Middle East plays host to its second straight U.N. climate conference over the next two weeks, with countries hoping to agree on new ways to keep the planet from catastrophic heating by the end of the century.

Henry Kissinger, secretary-of-state whose power grew during the Watergate turmoil, dies at 100

Kissinger exerted uncommon influence on global affairs under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, earning both vilification and the Nobel Peace Prize.

China presents UN with vague Mideast peace plan as US promotes its own role in easing the Gaza war

China has presented the United Nations Security Council with a four-point plan for Middle East peace in a demonstration of its ambitions to be a global superpower.

US Navy warship shoots down a drone launched by Houthis from Yemen

The U.S. military says a U.S. Navy warship sailing near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait shot down a drone launched from Yemen.

Blinken seeks a new extension of the Gaza cease-fire as he heads again to the Middle East

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Biden administration would like to see a new extension of the cease-fire agreement in Israel鈥檚 war with Hamas after the current one expires.

Emirati-designated COP28 leader forcefully denies report UAE wanted to seek oil deals in summit

The Emirati president-designate for the upcoming United Nations COP28 climate talks has forcefully denied a report alleging his nation planned to use the summit to strike oil and gas deals, a day before the summit was due to begin.

Live updates | Hamas and Israel free more hostages and prisoners as deadline to extend truce nears

Hamas and Israel have completed another exchange of hostages and prisoners on the sixth day of a temporary cease-fire in the war in Gaza.

Kuwait鈥檚 ruling emir, 86, was hospitalized due to emergency health problem but is reportedly stable

The ruling emir of oil-rich Kuwait has been hospitalized 鈥渄ue to an emergency health problem鈥 but later was in stable condition.