Pope says he has acute bronchitis, doctors recommended against travel to avoid change in temperature

Pope Francis says he is suffering from acute and infectious bronchitis. He told an audience on Thursday that doctors recommended he cancel his planned visit to Dubai this weekend to avoid the quick changes in temperature that would be involved.

Church that hosted Rosalynn Carter funeral played key role in her and her husband鈥檚 lives

PLAINS, Ga. (AP) 鈥 The church where those closest to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter bid farewell to the former first lady Wednesday played a central role in the lives of the famous couple from tiny Plains, Georgia.

In the US, Black survivors are nearly invisible in the Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis

Black survivors have been nearly invisible in the Catholic Church sexual abuse crisis 鈥 even in Baltimore, home to a historic Black Catholic community.

An Indian official plotted to assassinate a Sikh separatist leader in New York, US prosecutors say

American authorities say an Indian government official directed a plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader in New York City after he advocated for a sovereign state for Sikhs.

Pope Francis is still having trouble breathing due to lung inflammation, Vatican says

The Vatican says Pope Francis is stable but is still having trouble breathing as a result of a lung inflammation that forced him to cancel a weekend trip to Dubai.

Pop singer Sabrina Carpenter鈥檚 music video spurs outrage for using NY Catholic church as a setting

A pop singer鈥檚 use of a Roman Catholic church in Brooklyn for parts of a music video has led to its pastor being penalized.

Pope cancels trip to Dubai for UN climate conference on doctors鈥 orders while recovering from flu

Pope Francis has canceled his trip to Dubai for the U.N. climate conference on doctors鈥 orders. The announcement marked the second time the pope鈥檚 frail health had forced the cancellation of a foreign trip: He had to postpone a planned trip to Congo and South Sudan in 2022 because of knee inflammati

Pope punishes leading critic Cardinal Burke in second action against conservative American prelates

Pope Francis has decided to take measures to punish Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is one of his highest-ranking critics.

New documentary offers a peek into the triumphs and struggles of Muslim chaplains in US military

The small group of Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military tends to the souls and spirits of troops of all faiths and no faith.

German-Israeli singer admits he lied when accusing hotel of antisemitism in a video that went viral

A German-Israeli singer who claimed he had been turned away from a hotel in the eastern German city of Leipzig because he was wearing a Star of David pendant has admitted during a defamation trial against him that he made up the story.

Antisemitic incidents in Germany rose by 320% after Hamas attacked Israel, a monitoring group says

A group tracking antisemitism in Germany says that it has documented a drastic increase of antisemitic incidents in the country in the month after Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

Book Review: Lauren Grodstein鈥檚 masterpiece of historical fiction set in Warsaw Ghetto during WWII

The Oneg Shabbat archive was a secret project of Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto to record their histories as they awaited deportation to Nazi death camps during World War II.

Pope Francis getting antibiotics intravenously for lung problem, limiting appointments, Vatican says

The Vatican says Pope Francis is receiving antibiotics intravenously to treat a lung inflammation but that he doesn鈥檛 have pneumonia.

Tens of thousands march against antisemitism in London including UK ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Tens of thousands of people including former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson have gathered in London for a march against antisemitism.

Pope Francis says he has a lung inflammation but will go to Dubai this week for a climate conference

Pope Francis says he has a lung inflammation but will go later this week to Dubai for a climate change conference.

With antisemitism rising as the Israel-Hamas war rages, Europe鈥檚 Jews worry

Antisemitism is spiking across Europe after Hamas鈥 Oct. 7 massacre and Israel鈥檚 bombardment of Gaza, worrying Jews from London to Geneva and Berlin.

In the US, Hmong 鈥榥ew year鈥 recalls ancestral spirits while teaching traditions to new generations

Late fall is the most spiritual time of the year in traditional Hmong culture. There are centuries-old celebrations for the post-harvest 鈥渘ew year,鈥 brought from Southeast Asia which the Hmong had to flee after helping the United States in the Vietnam War.

Pope Francis has a hospital checkup after coming down with the flu

The Vatican says Pope Francis went to the hospital for tests after he came down with the flu. The results ruled out any respiratory problems.

Christian school that objected to transgender athlete sues Vermont after it鈥檚 banned from competing

A Vermont religious school that withdrew its girls basketball team from a playoff game because a transgender student was playing on the opposing team is suing Vermont.

Suspended Alabama priest married the 18-year-old he fled to Italy with, records show

Records show that a suspended Alabama priest recently married the teenager he fled to Italy with this summer.

Closing arguments in Vatican trial seek to expose problems in the city state鈥檚 legal system

Lawyers for a once-powerful cardinal have accused Vatican prosecutors of being 鈥減risoners to their completely shattered theory鈥 in closing arguments of a trial that has raised fundamental questions about the rule of law in the city state.

Maryland hate crime commission member suspended for anti-Israel social media posts

The Maryland Attorney General has suspended a member of the state鈥檚 new commission aimed at addressing hate crimes after she posted on social media criticizing the recent actions of Israel in Gaza.

Timekeepers no more, rank-and-file Jehovah鈥檚 Witnesses say goodbye to tracking proselytizing hours

Jehovah鈥檚 Witnesses are well-known for proselytizing door-to-door and handing out their literature. Since 1920, their adherents have been required to report to their congregation鈥檚 leaders how many hours they put into such ministry.

Pope meets relatives of Israeli hostages and Palestinians in Gaza and sets off firestorm over words

Pope Francis has met separately with relatives of Israeli hostages in Gaza and Palestinians living through the war and set off a firestorm by using words that Vatican diplomats usually avoid: 鈥淭errorism鈥 and according to the Palestinians 鈥済enocide.鈥

China is expanding its crackdown on mosques to regions outside Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch says

A report by Human Rights Watch says the Chinese government has expanded its campaign of closing mosques to regions other than Xinjiang, where for years it has been blamed for persecuting Muslim minorities.

Founder of far-right Catholic site resigns over breach of its morality clause, group says

The founder of a far-right, unofficial Catholic media group has resigned for an unspecified violation of the organization鈥檚 morality clause, the group said in a statement.

How a massive all-granite, hand-carved Hindu temple ended up on Hawaii鈥檚 lush Kauai Island

The island of Kauai is home to the only all-stone, hand-carved Hindu temple in the West, built without power tools or electricity.

A French bishop is accused of attempted rape in latest scandal to hit Catholic Church in France

Prosecutors say a French bishop has been handed a preliminary charge of attempting to rape an adult man a decade ago.

Jury acquits Catholic priest in Tennessee who was charged with sexual battery

A jury has found a Catholic priest in Tennessee not guilty of sexual battery against a woman who was a church member.

Carlton Pearson, influential Oklahoma megachurch founder who rejected hell, dies at age 70

The founder of a former megachurch in Oklahoma known for rejecting the idea of hell and supporting gay rights has died.