• Powerlifting/Weight Lifting Heavy Duty Belt


    One of the most necessary tools in fitness, good to stabilize the core and to push your stronger lifts to the limit. Top quality and high end materials with 8mm thickness and 4” width to maximize support and protection. Squat for life, bench press for power and wear it to shape the V-Taper old school bodybuilding physique

    Power Lifting Heavy belt for heavy training sessions
    • 88mm (4″) wide
    • Red inside & out plated leather top Soft suede bottom
    • Allie Otte embroidery on the back, reinforced with 6 rows of stitching edges increase strength and durability
    • Heavy Duty Single with Double Prong hooks and fast release On & Off

    Additional information

    Material: High Sheep Leather and Amara

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