Shipping Information

If a shipping address cannot be verified via phone or email, we take necessary steps to protect cardholders by sending orders to the billing address associated with a card. When some fictitious information is suspected with an order, there is a tendency for the order to be rejected, and this also could happen when the cardholder information doesn’t match the entered billing address.

Change of Address

When a customer requests for a change of address at the time when an order is processed, or when the order is in transit, then such an order would attract an additional charge that would be communicated to the customer. The change in address must be done after a request is made by a customer.

Additional shipping charge

Additional shipping charge would apply for any product that is returned to us as a result of a wrong address. The customer is expected to pay for any new address that would be used for the new shipment.

Stolen or Lost Packages

We are not responsible for any stolen package or merchandise that has a confirmed delivery according to our tracking system. We also take the necessary steps towards making a good inquiry about any lost or stolen product.

It is also important that the needed communication be established with us for any order that is not received within 50 days of order placement. The 50 days’ interval is to enable us to claim insurance coverage for any product. When the insurance cover process is carried out, we can easily communicate with the customer within five business days.

After the 50 day period, the necessary steps towards making a replacement would be done, alongside an agreement that requires the customer to return the once missing product if it is later found, or else the required charge on the extra product would be paid when a missing product is found.


It is possible that on certain occasions, that we possess fewer products as compared to the quantity that you may need, so in such situations, we can give you other products that you so desire in-line with the money that is spent at such a time.

The communication that we initiate with you when we have limited stock enables us to hear from you regarding the actual product you would need at that time.